Preparing Your Home For Marketing

Second only to price, preparing your home properly is critical if you expect to get top dollar for your home. While we have a whole video on this step in our Seller School at, this will give you a general checklist of things to do in order to get your home presentable. This DOES NOT touch on repairing things, however. A pre-inspection will provide you with a list of things you should address.

1. Sweep or shovel walkways, driveways, patios, sidewalks
2. Remove leaves.
3. Mow lawn. Trim all landscaping and shrubs.
4. Place flowers or winter arrangement on porch.
5. Remove all festive lights and personalized decorations.
6. Remove bicycles, sports equipment from driveway/yard.
7. Move cars from driveway out of view into street.
8. Remove trash cans.
9. Remove garden tools.
10. Remove hoses and random lawn furniture.
11. Turn on outside lights if evening time.
1. Vacuum, mop, clean entire home.
2. Turn lights and lamps on.
3. Turn all ceiling fans off.
4. Turn computers and televisions off.
5. Open blinds and drapes.
6. Remove all visible shoes and clothing.
7. Dust everything.
8. Remove small area rugs and floor mats.
9. Open all window and door coverings.
10. Toilet seats down.
11. Remove pets from home whenever possible.
12. Empty trashcans.
13. Turn radio on low volume.
14. Remove dirty dishes, etc. from sink.
15. Remove unpleasant odors.
16. Freshen air with candle melts or baked goods.
1. Remove all personal and family photos.
2. Pre-pack all collections and memorabilia.
3. Pre-pack excessive books and music.
4. Store away or organize children’s toys and games.
5. Remove religious items.
6. Remove political items.
7. Remove children’s names from bedrooms.
8. Secure and lock away medications.
9. Secure and lock away all valuables.
1. Pre-pack any items you do not use on a daily basis.
2. Pre-pack off-season clothing and other seasonal items.
3. Remove everything from counters and vanity tops.
4. Remove kitchen towels hanging on oven and refrigerator handles.
5. Remove all visible chargers and power cords.
6. Remove toothbrushes, hair styling tools, cosmetics from view.
7. Remove towels and robes if hanging from back of doors.
8. Make all beds.
9. Remove all items from refrigerator exterior.
10. Straighten laundry room: no laundry baskets or hanging clothes.
11. Remove items from tub and shower.
12. Store food in cabinets.
13. Store pet dishes, toys and bed.
14. Store remote controls.