"This was our 2nd home selling and buying experience with WEBREALTY. Both have been exceptional. Doug and his team are indeed professionals in every way, and they are by far and away the best. Their advice and coaching throughout the process made it quick, effective, and painless."

Why Choose My Team and I to Represent You

As opposed to public thinking in general, there is a vast difference between real estate brokers. Who you choose can have a profound impact on the outcome of your home purchase experience. Buyer brokers fit in the full-time category, the seldom-work category, and everything in between. You have brokers who have sold no homes in their career, and you have brokers who have sold hundreds or even thousands, as I have. In addition, some brokers work for companies both large and small which provide little to no training, mentoring, or ongoing supervision from seasoned brokers. Others don’t have access to, training in, or even knowledge of the better tools and resources they should be providing to their buyer clients.

When purchasing, quite likely, the most significant investment in your life, it’s essential to have someone representing you that has your best interests at heart. When choosing a real estate broker, you should be looking for someone with solid knowledge, people skills, work ethic, and best for the client attitude and empathy. In addition, they should have access to the best tools and resources to provide to their clients  An informed and educated buyer simply makes better decisions.

As owner and designated broker, I am fully involved in the real estate business on a day-to-day basis, making sure our brokers and clients do have access to the best in tools, resources, education, and company support. I recommend you take advantage of the vast educational opportunities found on every one of our buyer brokers websites.

We work as a team, and I make myself available to each buyer broker seven days a week, twelve hours a day. Should they need advice in handling most any situation that could come up when assisting you in buying your home, my decades of experience is available to them. Again, we are the WEBREALTY Team and, as such, we work together to make sure things happen the way they should for our clients.